Some painting I found in the garage...
Oil on canvas 60x50cm - 2017

Brisbane Sketch

Watercolour sketches

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona Spain

I always wanted to paint stained glasses. It was a bit harder with oil but since I am learning watercolour since last month I thought it will be a great challenge. And indeed it was. It took a bit longer than I thought to finish it.
Sagrada Familia - Watercolour 15x20cm - 2019

I found a tutorial from Alphonso Dunn on youtube about watercolour painting.

I always wanted to try but whenever used watercolour it turned out useless. So I watched an other one from Marco Bucci.

This is my very first watercolour painting of a passionfruit flower from the garden.
Passionfruit flower - watercolour on paper 11x16cm - 2019